Sunday, June 5, 2011

The 'Infamous' Foyer

Well, here it is. The first peek into our new home... oooo..ahhhh...

Ok, I cannot lie. I cannot stand the foyer. There.... I said it. And yes, I do feel a little better.

It's just such an awkward space. We live in a cluster house, so things are a bit smaller than your usual "house". But we still love it here... it's our first place!

So we've finally tackled our little space in the foyer. Here is the before and after.
                                                               (before... boringggg....)

                                                        (after... so cool and hipster!)

Ok, so that big 'S' in the middle frame, I am gonna change that out when I make a trip to kinkos and get something that looks similar to the 'P' in this blog... (who i have a mild obsession with and steal all their ideas). I think it's the 8th picture down, you'll see it on the wall if you look reeeeeeally close. like freakishly close. Make sure you grab your glasses, or put those contacts in!

By the way, there is a trick to hanging frames! What you need to do, is get some big cardboard paper (I just used mine that came with the frames) and mark on the paper, where you are going to put the nail. Then go ahead and put it where you want it on the wall and start nailing. It's WAY easier, and Paul was ALL ABOUT this idea since he hates "with a passion" as he puts it, hanging.

Also, I got my frames from Michaels, each were 40% off, so I only ended up paying 50$ or something like that. And all the stuff in the frames? Well, I just printed a pretty 'L' and 'P', for Lindsay and Paul, an 'S' in the middle for Stippich, and the other frames have different memories in them. A fun, and unique wall that nobody else will ever have. I love that.

Another tip that I've been learning... USE THINGS FROM AROUND YOUR OWN HOME. I used that table runner from my dining table, and I pulled different accessories from around the house.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

back to the blogging world

I am back. I know, I know.... 4 months later or something ridiculous like that. And I am going to start blogging about something a little bit different. And that is... redecorating our first house!

I am super excited, we have a list of projects to do over the next couple months, and over the next few years! It's going to be awesome. Check back for some how to do's and some before and after pictures!